B&T Magazine 30 Under 30: Digital, Marketing & PR and Media Agency shortlist

cyrus rafizadeh - If you are in network marketing, and you are marketing the right way, there is no reason that you should not be seeing drastic results within the first 90 days.

The old way of marketing, while it may not be dead, it is on its way out. In this day and age, if you are not using internet marketing you will find yourself far behind the competition.

Think about this... you have a new business that you want to tell people about, how hard do you think it would be for you to get hundreds of millions people into one room every single day by simply doing 15-20 minutes of work one day?

I do not know about you and your powers but that would be pretty tough for me, but this is essentially what the internet does. One article, one video, one blog, lets say a half hour of work can stay online forever for millions of people to view. This is truly elite marketing.

The best internet marketers are out there working hard every single day to grow, develop, and master the necessary skills to succeed in this industry. They are out there learning everything they can about video marketing, forum marketing, article marketing, and pay per click advertising. They are out there working on the elite marketing techniques and then teaching it other people and making a bundle off of it.

The mindset of the top network marketers is a lot different from the ones at the bottom, or the ones that quit. The top marketers believe in themselves, they believe that they will succeed, no matter what obstacle comes their way.

Internet marketing is something that you are never perfect at, there is never a time when you cannot learn anything more about a particular area, you just continue to get better. There are plenty of network marketers out there that may write one article, or make one video, or post once a month in forums, but then they sit around and wait for traffic.

The elite marketing technique, the way the top income earners work, is they write article after article after article and then 90 days later they turn back look at the results, and then evaluate their elite marketing techniques and start again.

cyrus r
- Internet marketing is a numbers game. You want the most amount of people possible looking at and seeking for the information that you have. You have to learn how to properly position yourself as a leader, mentor, and guru, and once you constantly practice the elite marketing techniques you will see a drastic change in your income.

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